Our premium visitor badges are designed to enhance your facility’s safety and security.

Smart E-Paper Badge Features

1. Casing

Lightweight and durable

2. LED Indicator

for notifications

3. Lanyard/Clip-on Slot

to fit your style

4. High contrast E-Paper Display

for notifications and maximum sustainability

5. Charging Dock

for up to 20 badges

(Click and drag badge left or right to view all sides)

SafePass reusable visitor badges are a step forward in any facility’s overall sustainability.

SafePass is an original, high-tech, interactive visitor badge that offers unprecedented insight and management of personnel that makes for a truly unique visitor experience.

Our reusable, digital, smart-tracking visitor badges allow an organization to know the location of visitors at all times.

SafePass badges can further enhance your facility’s security when used with our Visitor Manager Software.