SafePass Visitor Manager – Visitor Management Software

Our fully functional and customizable visitor management software can be hosted on-site or in the cloud. With either option, access control can be integrated to meet a facility’s security needs. Visitor data is stored using Hyperledger, an open-source, blockchain technology designed for indisputable storage of transactional data. Hyperledger prevents tampering and ensures accurate and reliable visitor logs.

SafePass Visitor Management Software
SafePass Secure and Authenticating Scanner

Secure & Authenticating ID Scanner

Because verifying an ID consistently, quickly and accurately is a must for ensuring security in any environment, the SafePass ID Scanner uses the latest and greatest in ID authenticating technology.

SafePass also offers a drop-in Function. Simply insert any government-approved ID into the slot in any direction for fast and easy ID photo and information capture.

A passport scanner is available as well, which will scan and capture any passport or other government-approved ID for an easy, reliable and expedited SafePass experience

Front Desk Kiosk & Facial Recognition

SafePass streamlines the check-in process via facial recognition. The use of an Apple® iPad app eliminates the need for a cumbersome and restrictive keyboard and mouse, and the device’s integrated camera simplifies the process. Once a person has been verified and a facial record stored in the system, visitors are able to use the camera on an iPad or desktop PC to quickly sign-in, notify the host, and pick up a digital badge for their visit.

SafePass VM Facial Recognition
Hyperledger Blockchain Transactional Records

Blockchain Transactional Records

Hyperledger is an open source blockchain technology designed for immutable storage of transactional data. With Hyperledger, tracking logs are tamper-proof and assures the integrity of your stored records.

SafePass Digital Badges

Our unique real-time location tracking digital badges unlock powerful capabilities in the SafePass Visitor Manager software.  With features such as real-time location tracking, heat mapping, geofencing and seamless access control integration, our SafePass Visitor Management System is shaping the future in visitor management softwares.

SafePass Smart Digital Badges