Smart E-Paper Badge with Real-Time Location Tracking

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“SafePass fills a needed gap in the security industry by replacing paper and plastic badges with secure and trackable digital badges… providing real security AFTER the visitor enters the building with geofencing & history.”

“There is a huge opportunity for your technology in Visitor Management and we would like to represent and grow your brand”

“The SafePass system… looks great!”

“Wow Great Technology”

Next Generation Smart and Eco-Friendly Badge with Real-Time Location Tracking

What can SafePass do for your Visitor Management System?

Visitor Location/Mobility Tracking

Enhance your facility safety and security by knowing people’s location in real-time. SafePass digital badges also alert when a wearer has fallen down or is immobile.

Virtual Geo-Fence

Virtual regions alert visitors when they have entered a restricted area. Our system also tracks visitor movements and alerts security staff of access violations. Exterior geo-fences alert visitors to return their badge before leaving the facility.

High Contrast Display

Our badges utilize the latest ePaper display technology. This allows for a clear, visible and most recent identification of the wearer. The ultra low power consumption of ePaper technology allows for all day use without requiring a recharge.

100% Compliant Electronic Logs

SafePass badges automatically time stamp and begin tracking when removed from the dock. When returned to the dock, visitors are automatically checked out. Geo-fence technology also ensures visitors don’t leave with the badge.

Packed with the Latest Technology

SafePass badges leverage existing Wi-Fi infrastructure to monitor and track location and movements inside facilities. SafePass badges utilize robust encryption to ensure your network is safe and secure.

High Contrast Display for All Day Use

SafePass badges leverage the ultra low power of today’s ePaper technology while providing a high contrast display even in direct sunlight. This allows for all day use without needing to be recharged.

Smart E-paper Badge with High Contrast Display


SafePass enables your visitor management system to establish virtual geo-fences to prevent access to sensitive or restricted areas.

Smart E-paper Badge with Internal Geo-fencing

External Geo-Fence

If a visitor forgets to return the badge, visual and audio notification are triggered to remind the wearer to return the badge to the front desk.

Smart E-paper Badge with External Geo-fence

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