with Real-Time Location Tracking

Visitor Management System

with Real-Time Location Tracking

Visitor Management System


with Real-Time Location Tracking

Visitor Management System

  • “SafePass fills a needed gap in the security industry by replacing paper and plastic badges with secure and trackable digital badges… providing real security AFTER the visitor enters the building with geofencing & history.”

    –Ron Rothman - Honeywell Security President (retired)

  • “There is a huge opportunity for your technology in Visitor Management and we would like to represent and grow your brand.”

    –Managing Director - Fahrenheit Information Systems

  • “The SafePass system… looks great!”

    –Andrew Bevan - Wieden+Kennedy London

  • “Looks like you do have a solid product.”–Charles Whitely - ExxonMobil Technology Supervisor

  • “Wow Great Technology.”

    –Cavan Kendall - Avigilon Senior Sales Executive

SafePass Smart Visitor Badges

Wi-Fi Location Tracking - Low Power E-Paper Display - Push Notification - On-board Condition Sensors

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The SafePass wearable technology badge is the first of its kind. Our digital, reusable, and smart-tracking visitor badge allows security staff to know where visitors are located at all times and provides access oversight to every aspect of a facility while improving the facility’s overall sustainability.

SafePass Visitor Manager

Secure - Mobile Accessible - Facial Recognition

Our customizable software is hosted in the cloud. With our VMS software, access management can be configured to meet a facility’s security needs. Visitor data is stored securely to prevent tampering while ensuring accurate and reliable visitor logs.

SafePass Visitor Management Software

How SafePass Keeps Global Facilities Secure

SafePass Visitor Management System
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Visitor Management System

The SafePass Visitor Management System seamlessly integrates with our reusable and eco-friendly wearable tech badges to help corporate facilities monitor and control all visitor movements.

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Real-Time Location Tracking

The SafePass Visitor Management System supports smart buildings with real-time location tracking of visitors. SafePass can handle low priority routine functions and free security personnel to focus on higher priority responsibilities.

SafePass Allows for Geofencing
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The SafePass Visitor Management System can establish invisible boundaries (geofences) to alert and track key assets, help increase employee safety, and provide location-based marketing for better allocation of resources.


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