The SafePass for Schools™ (SP4S) program is one of our core initiatives focused on making schools safer. Ensuring the safety of teachers and students requires controlling key points of entry. Schools with the SafePass VMS will be able to control access to their facilities utilizing our innovative system. Our re-usable, smart, digital visitor badge will help schools track visitors.  When integrated with existing access control systems, schools can limit visitor access to key school areas. Our commitment to SP4S includes helping to provide schools with our VMS Software and our smart digital visitor badges.

Visitor Management Software for Schools

SafePass Visitor Manager Management Software

Our cloud-based software integrates with our Smart Digital Badges let you get up and running quickly. With our VMS software, access control can be configured to meet your school security needs. Log data are automatically collected by the system when badges are checked out and checked in to ensure accurate and reliable visitor logs.

Re-usable Smart Digital Badge

Dock with Smart Badges

Currently, paper name badges or expensive PVC plastic card badges do not offer any smart or tracking elements. Due to their disposable nature, these products significantly increase costs and administrative burden. Additionally, the waste generated by using paper or plastic name badges effects our natural environment, further increasing carbon footprint and overall cost.

The SafePass wearable technology badge is the first of its kind. Our low energy, digital, reusable, and smart-tracking wearable technology badge allows our schools to know where visitors are located at all times and provides access control to every aspect of a facility while improving the facility’s overall sustainability. If you represent a school or would like to nominate a school for our SP4S program, please fill out the information below and a SafePass representative will contact you shortly.

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