SafePass works closely with our established partners to enhance existing systems and leverage smart technologies built into the SafePass badging system.

Partner SAP NS2

SAP NS2 specializes in secure cloud-based solutions, leveraging open standards to deliver solutions from data management and analytics to sensor systems and spatial visualization. Their end-goal is to provide a full-spectrum approach to solving the nation’s most critical and unique mission requirements.

When customers come to NS2 Labs the first thing they see is our SafePass badging system and it always garners huge interest. Our partnership with SafePass has been fantastic – they are a trusted innovation partner with a very compelling capability.

— Kyle Rice, Chief Technology Officer

AlertEnterprise delivers a unified cyber-physical security convergence platform by linking IT, OT and Physical Security for risk prevention, detection and mitigation. They help eliminate security silos to deliver the most complete view of threats and vulnerabilities while enhancing workforce safety, data privacy and experience.