Dock with Smart Badges

Each badge is connected to the standard guest Wi-Fi network. Real-time location information from the badge is sent to our back-end. A map interface provides real-time tracking and historical location playback.

The battery will last up to 24 hours on a single charge and will fully recharge in less than three hours.

Electronic-paper (e-paper) – 16 grayscale, 3.5 inch, high-resolution (360×600 pixels) electrophoretic display with always-on display requiring no power consumption and image enhancements to accurately display a human face.


There is a removable rubber piece that can include site branded colors or give a visual indication of the type of visitor: VIP, new visitor, vendor, etc.

SafePass tracking algorithm leverages existing Wi-Fi infrastructure and our special embedded sensors inside each badge.

Yes – we can offer project-related customization tailored for individual customer needs

The SafePass badge is the only connected device of its kind and receives customized instructions for each visitor.

  • After the badge is issued, it is still customizable
    • Real-time instructions during emergency situations
    • Marketing and promotional discounts based on tracking insights
    • Any other site-specific information

The charging dock holds 20 badges and is included in the price of badges.

We place an external digital fence (geo-fence) around each facility. If a badge leaves without being returned, the Front Desk and System Admin(s) will be notified via push notifications and email.

The internal motion sensor constantly monitors even the slightest badge movement. If no motion is detected, the system will alert the Site Admins and Front Desk.

The product is lease-only:

  • One-time set-up fee
  • Monthly fee, per badge (includes real-time location tracking software service) the cloud-based visitor management software

Each badge is replaced every two years.

We recommend a pilot program at a smaller location to test the full system prior to a larger roll-out.

The SafePass VMS implements a digital “geo-fence” around each facility. In the event the badge crosses over this invisible fence, the system will:

  • Notify security personnel
  • Cause the badge to vibrate and display a warning message

Based on customer requirements, we can set up internal digital fences around restricted areas for alerts and notification.

Wherever industry standard commercial Wi-Fi and internet connectivity exists… SafePass can be installed.

SafePass will send personnel to each site location for setup of the SafePass solution. Simply send us PDF floor plans so we can generate a map for the real-time location tracking user interface. We will do the rest.

E-paper is a passive display technology that can be refreshed at an almost unlimited number of times. Power is only needed when there are changes to the contents displayed. Kindle e-readers use e-paper, just like SafePass badges.

Facial recognition is a standard feature to help pre-registered visitors check in without requiring visitors to type their name and other time-consuming data entry.

SafePass has a tradition of passion and commitment to security, both physically and digitally. We are acutely aware of what is at stake, as users depend on the reliability of our systems. Where digital security is concerned, we make every effort to ensure cyber security best practices are incorporated in the design, production and rigorous testing of every component.

The SafePass badges use the latest in WPA2 Wi-Fi security along with secure encryption transmission to/from our Amazon Web Services servers (Nasdaq, US Department of Defense and others utilize AWS).

The data is securely stored on Amazon Web Services (AWS) which is the gold standard for information security and closely follows all international security regulations and standards.

There are no back-doors to any of our customers data.

We regularly conduct tests to assure your information is secured. Additionally, we have written agreement so that you will have the only “keys” to this data by way of system-generated passcodes for your designated representatives only.

Please note the following link for information on AWS securities and compliance:

*special note, AWS is used by Nasdaq, United States Department of Defense and many other high-security organizations

Setting up a digital line of defense against cyber-attacks involves the introduction of targeted safeguards and counter-measures to help prevent, minimize, detect, contain or defuse security threats to persons, physical property and other assets. While the goal is to guard against all threats, the secondary option is to reduce the amount of damage for those attacks which do filter through.

To adapt to changing technologies and attack strategies, a continued re-evaluation and management of implemented cyber security measures must be done (risk assessment, threat landscape mapping, identification of attack surfaces, etc.).

For additional detail security guidelines, please review our Security Guidelines document by clicking on the button below or visit our literature section to download a PDF copy.